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Making a Plan for Long-Term Care Insurance

Making a Plan for Long-Term Care Insurance    Whether you are retiring soon or already retired, you’ll face many decisions on how to build your retirement budget.  Insurance can become a double-edged sword during this decision-making process.  The insurance premiums you pay on your home, vehicles, boat, life insurance, etc. directly decrease the amount of money available to spend on the fun parts of retirement like recreation and leisure.  After preparing
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Growing Your WELLth

 Many of us want to grow our WELLth, but we may not know HOW to get there or even WHERE to start.
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What options do I have for education planning?

One of the most common goals within the world of financial planning is saving for a college education. While it may not be the best choice for everyone, college can certainly be an incredibly enlightening experience where students often make lifelong friends, find their passions, and hone the skills needed for life as an independent adult. . . .
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The Value of a Financial Plan

Depending on where you are in your career, someone has probably told you that you should have a financial plan. They may not have told you why you should have a financial plan other than that it will help you in the long run. Having a financial plan is, in fact, beneficial to people at all stages of their career. Regardless of if you are twenty years from retirement or two years, it would still benefit you to have a plan.When making any plan, you more than likely find yourself taking t
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What is your next milestone?

If you were graduating this month, what advice would you give your future self? May tends to be a time for high school and college graduations, which for many of us could mean a time to reflect.
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