Who We Serve

We welcome the opportunity to provide you WELLth services no matter what life stage you are in.  With only a $5,000 minimum investment, we help make investing accessible and affordable.  


  • Individuals seeking retirement income strategies
  • Account holders in need of consolidation
  • Professionals seeking help with complex decisions (i.e. Social Security, retirement date, etc.)
  • Savers who want a detailed financial game plan to help navigate the transition to retirement

Advancing Career Households

  • Individuals and couples seeking the professional oversight of a Financial Advisor
  • Families planning for multiple goals (retirement, education, etc.)
  • Individuals going through a life change

Business Owners & Executives

  • Sophisticated investors with complex portfolios and benefit scenarios
  • Account holders in need of multiple investment strategies
  • Investors seeking comprehensive financial solutions related to risk mitigation, tax optimization and estate planning

Young Savers

  • Individuals saving toward a specific goal, retirement or otherwise
  • Professionals pursuing investment opportunities complimentary to a workplace savings plan
  • Retirement plan participants with distribution options
  • Independent investors who seek the professional oversight of a Financial Advisor

* WELLth investment programs start with a $5k minimum.

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